The Author at the 2013 North Market Fiery Foods Show!

The Author at the 2013 North Market Fiery Foods Show!

Who is Ken Alexander and what does my fiery world include? Well, I am a self-professed Chilehead, or lover of hot and spicy food. Being raised with a “foodie” mother who loved to cook and loved spice and flavor, I was destined to celebrate the food I ate, but it wasn’t until the mid 1990’s that hot and spicy started to take center stage. Living in New Iberia, La, the epicenter of Tabasco, Louisiana Hot Sauce, and Cajun cuisine, my taste buds started up the ladder of heat, rung by spicy rung. I bought Jennifer Trainer Thompson’s first edition hot sauce poster as a conversation piece for my office, and started a mission of sampling sauces from that poster.

A few years later, we were living in Tennessee, and BBQ was king! Thank you! Thank you very much! I was given the opportunity to be trained as a Memphis in May BBQ judge, and judged the Tennessee state BBQ championship. Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to Dave’s Insanity Sauce, my wife bought me a bottle of Scorned Woman, and the rest, as they say, is history!  The passion was born! 

I have a knack for discerning flavor, and  I like to write, and I’m a ham and like the camera! It’s a natural fit.  I hope you enjoy the blog, and celebrating with me that, yes Virginia, It’s a Fiery World!


  1. Are there going to be more reviews?

    Hope so.



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  3. My name is Cindy Arlantico. I make a homemade hot chili oil, Red Hot Motor Oil, that I am doing a Kickstarter campaign for funding. We launched the campaign yesterday and it will run until April 17th. I wanted to see if you would be willing to post my Kickstarter project on your website.

    We have two restaurants lined up who have tasted it and want to add it their menu to enhance the food. One of them is using it already and is experimenting with different recipes. We have a manufacturer, food technician and all our budget items set up.

    The manufacturer loved the oil so much he is going to set us up with the buyers from Whole Foods and Spouts. Another contact we have is setting us up with Trader Joe’s. And the Manager at our local grocery is going to help guide us through getting into his buyers. Lots of exciting stuff happening! 🙂

    You can read all about Red Hot Motor Oil on the below link to our Kickstarter page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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  4. Hello –

    Thought as you do stuff having to do with hot and spicy, you might find this interesting and so might you readers:


    I used to run a blog called The Sauce Rater years back…

    You’re more than welcome to re-blog this is you like and I would be grateful if you did!


    Hans Lienesch
    The Ramen Rater


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