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Blogger’s Round Table: 2012 Peppers at the Beach

Check out what some of the best spicy food bloggers out there (okay, so I hang with the “cool” crowd!) had to say about blogger influence, a Chilehead hall of fame, Peppers on the beach, and lots of other stuff. Thanks to Brian and Marilyn Meagher of Hot Sauce Daily/Weekly for setting the roundtable up, Buddah for videoing, and Scott Roberts, Firehead Thomas Gately, and Steve ‘the Machine” Smallwood for sharing their perspective and wisdom.  I had a great time!!  Hope you enjoy and thanks to for the share!

Blogger’s Round Table: 2012 Peppers at the Beach.

Peppers, Peppers Everywhere-A Wing and a Prayer

As I sit on my flight to Baltimore, I just deleted an hour’s worth of blogging! Don’t you hate when that happens? I wrote a nice preview of my weekend journey to Peppers on the Beach (POTB) and POOF, it just disappeared!! Arrrrrgh!!!! So let’s try this again.

I was talking about how POTB is a hot sauce and spicy food show sponsored by Peppers, one of the largest East Coast spicy food stores, and located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. In it’s third year, the show is the brainchild of John and Maggie Dilley of Defcon Sauces. Now boasting a major co-sponsor, Mountainaire Chicken, the weekend long event will boast a virtual mountain of chicken wings being cooked, judged for competition, and served up in a variety of styles. Judges will be chosen from the audience, which gives a nice “people’s choice” bent to the competition. Over 33 spicy food companies will be in attendance, serving up cooking demos and samples of their best products, and over a dozen restaurants from around the region showing off their specialties and pleasing the crowd with culinary delights.

Chip Hearn, Pepper’s owner and host for the weekend, opens his store for the throngs of spicy food lovers, and some of the industry’s premier bloggers. Brian and Marilyn Meagher, known for their well respected blogs, Hot Sauce Daily and Weekly, will be hosting bloggers roundtable and podcast from the show. Other big name bloggers are Scott Roberts of ScottRobertsWeb fame, home of the most frequently referenced Scoville sauce and pepper scale on the Internet, and Al “Buddah” Goldenberg, editor in chief of I Love It Spicy and undeniably one of the biggest ambassadors for the spicy food industry. Other bloggers will be there, including video review blogger Firehead Tom Gatley and yours truly. And last but not least, the crew from the Internet’s most raucous spicy food channel, Eat More Heat, will be broadcasting live all weekend. James Wreck and John Scrovak are sure to entertain and inform all those who want to live vicariously at POTB for the weekend!!

The weekend will include Johnny McLaughlin’s famous Chilehead Rockaria Karaoke contest and an attempt to beat three (count em- Three!!!) Guiness World Records in pepper eating as Steve “The Machine” Smallwood brings his iron clad stomach to POTB for the occasion! I swear the man has no pain receptors in his mouth, throat, or anywhere else!

And as I mentioned in the title, the weekend includes a prayer. Maggie Dilley had emergency surgery the day before the show (Thursday, the 17th), and will be recovering in the hospital for the weekend! That means the folks whose inspiration started the whole thing won’t be there. So I lift Maggie up with prayers for a speedy recovery! You guys will be missed.

Well, the captain has issued the “fasten your seat belts, it’s time to land” warning, so I’ll sign off. Stay tuned for more this weekend as I experience a weekend of spicy food, hot sauce, good friends, fun times, and wings wings wings!! And always remember, ladies and gentlemen, It’s a Fiery World!!!!


It’s a Fiery World Partners with Intensity Academy for Mother’s Day Giveaway

If y’all remember, I reviewed Intensity Academy’s Chai Sweet Chili sauce on Hot Sauce Daily a while back. The sauce is dedicated to Michele Northrup’s mom, Barbara! To honor our mom’s and Mom’s everywhere, Intensity Academy and It’s a Fiery World are teaming up in a Mother’s Day giveaway contest! Post a memory about your mom in the comment section below this post and on the Chilehead Facebook Page post where this is shared. Michele and I will pick a lucky winner at random on Mother’s Day to receive a gift pack of saucy goodness from Intensity Academy! I’m proud to team up with Intensity Academy in this great testimony to Mom’s everywhere! So start commenting!

My original review of Chai Sweet Chili Sauce is re-posted below.


Michele Northrup, who puts the Intense in Intensity Academy, told me I just had to try out her new sauce.

She proceeded to share that the sauce was dedicated to her mom, Barbara Northrup, who Michele lost not long ago. And even cooler still, Intensity Academy donates a portion of the profit from sales of their Chai Sweet Chili Sauce to different charities. And then, later that night, this sauce won a Golden Chili in the Asian sauce category. And with that as our backdrop, let’s give Chai Sweet Chili a ride around the block and see what’s under the hood.

Ingredients: Organic brewed Chai Tea, Thai pepper puree, distilled vinegar, garlic, rice wine vinegar, tapioca starch and natural spices.

Texture/Appearance: – This is a medium thickness sauce with a nice, reddish hue that gives away its Thai Pepper pedigree. The texture is varied, believe it or not, due in large part to the pepper pieces and parts you get when you eat it. Now mind you, I’m eating spoonfuls of this sauce before and during my review, and the difference in texture wouldn’t really be noticed in regular application. Now, the fresh pepper flakes in your teeth might give your friends a feel for texture (not really….well, okay, one did make an ugly display between my teeth, but a quick water rinse nipped that little problem pepper in the bud!) The pepper puree and the tapioca starch give the sauce some body, which is useful when using it as a glaze for salmon, chicken, etc. And as you can see in the picture, the appearance of Chai Sweet Chili is attractive when mixed with the stir fried shrimp I cooked.

Taste/Flavor Straight Up: – While the first taste might lead you to believe that this is a normal asian style stir-fry sauce, the Chai tea quickly jumps up and says, Hey You!! You taste me!? That’s right! Chai Tea is in the house! Do we have a problem? I swear that’s what I heard! Okay… not really, but it could have been. However, the Chai tea did not come in as the upfront flavor. That distinction came from the sugar and spices, who won the footrace to be first flavor out the bottle. The cool part of this sauce and its hipster Chai Tea influence is that the tea is almost an afterthought flavor… a middle note surrounded by a chorus of flavor. But you can hear it, loud and clear, and it’s a clean note-fresh, unassuming, and amazingly bright. I tried this sauce on my home made stir-fried shrimp and veggies, and it tasted as good as the accompanying picture looks. I put it on fish, veggies, and started to drink it on the rocks, but then I remembered about the pepper flake in the teeth incident, and decided to back off of that idea. The Thai pepper influence, however, is apparent, but in a subdued, muted horn sort of way. You’d expect something a little different, which brings us to heat.


Heat Level: – Please don’t take this rating as a negative, because this sauce wasn’t designed to be hot. But on a 5 star scale, I can’t muster more than a level 2 in heat. And that’s what is kinda neat and unique about it. One of the major ingredients is Thai Pepper puree, and while it gives a fun little zing that hits your taste buds on a slight delay, it’s a muted zing. And no zang. And definitely no zowee! Go back to that muted horn thing. Here you have a huge horn section (work with me here- thai pepper is a major ingredient that equates to a large horn sec… oh never mind… you get the picture), and you’re expecting hot Thai Pepper notes that sound loud and bold like a good Chicago tune. But no – the heat is subtle, muted, and blended seamlessly into the other flavor profiles that I enjoyed so much.

Label/Graphics: – I liked the label, and loved the little write up on the side about Michele’s mother, Barbara. It is inspiring and pleasing, and I liked the pink background mixed with the grass and muted sun. The peacock on the label is a great representative for this sauce, and not just because it is a beautiful bird on a sauce honoring a beautiful lady. If you know anything about Peacocks, you know that they are loud and fearless and will get up in your face if you threaten them and scare the beejeezus out of you. They weren’t used to guard palaces for nothing, you know! I can’t help but think that this is Michele’s tongue in cheek trophy to her beautiful, protective, strong mom, Barbara.

Overall Impression: – This is an excellent asian style chili sauce. I would even call it fun. That’s partly why I infused some fun into my review. It just seemed to fit this sauce and Intensity Academy overall! If you know Michele Northrup and her husband Tom, you know that these folks have fun with their products. But they’re all business when it comes to flavor. This sauce can be serious on stir fry, casual on plain green beans, classy on fish, and always fun. While I don’t know for certain, I have to think that when Michele created this sauce, she was in the kitchen reminiscing about her mom, and thinking about how Barbara Northrup could be funny, serious, classy, not so classy (hard to be classy running after kids, wiping dirty noses, and cleaning bathrooms), and look as good in jeans as she did in sequins. I never met Michele’s mom, but that’s the image I get. How cool is that? And how cool to create something unique, fun, and amazingly tasty. Chai Sweet Chili is just that cool. Get you some. Enjoy. And if you’re blessed to still have your momma, call her up and tell her you love her.

About the company: Intensity Academy opened for business in 2007 in the Tampa, Florida area. According to their website, they have won multiple awards for their diverse line of sauces, including Scovies, Golden Chiles and Fiery Food awards. Check out their website at and be greeted by a school motif (the name is Intensity Academy, after all). Use the contact info on the website for questions that the site doesn’t answer.

About the author: Ken Alexander is a self-proclaimed Chilehead, with a love of spicy food, hot sauce, and the zest of life. An avid Andy Griffith fan (can you find the hidden Barney Fife reference in the review?), Ken lives in Baton Rouge, LA, in the heart of Cajun Food country, and enjoys experiencing new tastes and flavors from all over the world. He is a staff reviewer and festival reporter for I Love it Spicy and a regular contributor to HotSauceDaily. Ken also likes humming TV theme songs, playing Yahtzee, and quoting old Kris Kristofferson lyrics.

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Memorial Day Weekend Sale- Spicy Food Blogs Promo Blitz


Since the major chile blogs had such a great sale prior to the Super Bowl, Al “Buddah” Goldenberg of I Love It Spicy! thought why not do one for the Spring. Traditionally Memorial Day Weekend is the start for the opening of beaches, picnic gatherings, and at home, the unofficial start of the grilling season (although we BBQ and griller fanatics do it year ’round).

With this sale, we let any company selling their products to join in on the promotion even if they were not spicy. We are here to help them succeed and giving them a platform like this can only assist them get their products to places where they would not normally be found. Please take a hard look at what is being offered. Think about enhancing your grilling experience or something you can add to a gathering of friends and/or family. Perhaps something to share with your co-workers or neighbors. Help support these small companies, and at the same time taste some great products while doing so.

Click on the company name if interested and it will take you to where you need to go. Happy Shopping, and be sure to stock up!

Joy Peppers: Through Memorial Day, any three Joy Peppers (Original, with Garlic, with Pickles, with Olives, or Garlic with Peppers) for $20 plus shipping. Mix and match.

Global Warming Salsa: We will offer our Salsa special for 40.00, delivered. It includes one of each four award winning Global Warming Salsa flavors: Mild, Medium, Hot and one of our unique Global flavors (Japan or India, please specify when ordering) and we will also include a genuine ceramic Tabasco Salsa bowl and spoon AND a signed copy of the book we co-authored called “Breakin’ Down the Barriers”…all for an even 40.00. We only have about 60 of the bowls, so we recommend people jump in if they’re interested!

Benito’s Hot Sauce: We are offering the following specials for the grilling season: Vermont Maple Chipotle BBQ Rub (2011 Scovie Award Winner), Chipotle Infused Maple Syrup (2012 Scovie Award Winner) and our Habanero Infused Maple Syrup (2012 Fiery Food Challenge Winner) all for $20 (includes shipping)! Email us at: to take advantage of this offer!

JACS Tailgaters: We will run a 15% coupon the Month of May. Put SGTCARTER in the coupon code.

Cajun Heat: We have our “specials” running all year long. You basically create your own; the more you buy the more you save! Buy any 2 products and save 10% coupon code CAJUN10 Buy 3 or more products and save 15% coupon code CAJUN15 Buy 6 or more products and save 20% coupon code CAJUN20

Prehistoric Wing Sauce: From 4/23/2012 til 5/31/2012 we will sell our Medium, Hot or Volcano Prehistoric Sauce for $5.95 a bottle + shipping.

Pirate Jonny’s BBQ Rubs & Seasonings: is having a Spring Winners sale. We are proud winners in the 2011 and 2012 NBBQ and Hot Pepper Awards for our Rubs and Seasonings. Buy 2 of our Gold Medal winning BBQ rubs or Seasonings and get a third winner FREE. See our website for details we ship anywhere in the country thru the USPS.

Chili Pepper Madness: I’d like to offer discounts on my jalapeno pepper cookbooks, purchased directly through the printer. 25% Off. Here are the links with discount code: “Jalapeno Madness: Jalapeno Recipes Galore!” – “Jalapeno Poppers and Other Stuffed Chili Peppers” – Discount Code: D5BZWKJT

HoneyBlaze Wing Sauce: All 16oz bottles of Original & HOTTTT are now $6

Texas Creek Products: We are offering a buy 4 get one free with the products on our website. And we’ll throw in another something extra for you. Pure Evil Capsaicin Drops don’t qualify for the free item, sorry, but can be one of the purchased items. Just make a “note to seller” at checkout with your free item choice.

Fat Cat Foods: We’d like to offer a limited time offer: Order a five-sauce sampler pack and get a free T-shirt (S-XXXL)! Click the top item in our online store to order.

Madison Chocolatiers West: Buy any 3 and we will include a special treat free. No coupon or code needed. Valid from April 28, 2012 to May 19, 2012. Only valid on purchases from our Facebook store.

Intensity Academy Sauces: We are offering any 5 products for only $20! (excluding shipping) use coupon code: Any5bottles_online I highly suggest the Garlic Goodness, Chai Sweet Chili & Hot Cubed!

Coal Gulch Trading of Madrid New Mexico: Buy any 2 products get a free “Miner’s Habanero Mustard” with your order…grilling time is upon us, so take advantage of this offer and spice up that grill. Happy Food!!! Happy People!!!! = Peace

Hellfire Hot Sauce: Buy any two regular priced sauces and receive a free bottle of our seasoning & spice rub….your choice XXX HOT, HOT or MILD. Get the 3 pack of our three top selling gourmet sauces(Blueberry Hell, Pure Hell, & Devil’s Blend for $24.95 plus shipping. Also get 5 free bottles of hot sauce with the purchase of any large 2011 Collectible Devil Reserve Bottle! Offers will be good through Memorial Day!

Race City Sauce Works: For the entire month of May, use coupon code: SofiGold and get 25% off before shipping. Plus spend $25 or more (before shipping) and get a bottle of our Pestilence chocolate habanero Rub with dark chocolate and roasted coffee powder.

Volcanic Peppers: For the month of May buy any 2 or more LAVA BBQ sauces and receive a free LAVA Chocolate Lightning Hot Sauce. No code needed, this will be an automatic addition to your order.

Dragonfire Hot Sauce: Here it is, 20% off all products for the month of May, also free shipping on orders over $45.00. Coupon codes will be displayed on the main page of our website.

Carolina Sunshine BBQ: We had our April facebook special that went so well, here is what we will do ! Through May we will offer a free “Wing Sauce” with any sauce or rub order from Carolina Sunshine. Enter “I love me some free stuff” in the shipping instructions so I know where you came from!

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