Tah Dah! “It’s a Fiery World” with Ken Alexander is Finally Here!

Just a little visual imagery that represents my love for all things fiery!

I can’t believe it’s here. After months of friends telling me it was time to start my own hot sauce and fiery food blog, here it is! It’s rough, I don’t have the right logo yet, I barely know how to add and edit a post, etc. etc. etc., but it’s live and it’s mine! Don’t get me wrong-I love being a staff reviewer for Buddah at I Love It Spicy, and a regular contributor for Brian and Marilyn Meagher at Hot Sauce Daily, but I wanted the ability to branch out, publish content on my own timeline, and have my own creative outlet. As I’ve gotten to know so many new folks in the spicy food industry, I’m getting asked with increasing frequency to provide feedback, review spicy food products, educate, and hopefully entertain folks that share my love of all things spicy and flavorful.

How did all this happen? A year ago I was living a sheltered, hot sauce loving life in Baton Rouge, La. Tracy Carter of Jac’s Tailgaters, who has become a close friend, answered my inquiry to his Facebook ad and invited me to the NOLA Hot Sauce and Gourmet Food Show. It was there I met Al “Buddah” Goldenberg. I had an arm full of spicy goodness and was standing waiting on the Defcon Wing Challenge to begin and struck up a conversation with Al, who was talking to someone about being a reviewer. After a 30 minute visit and seeing my passion for spicy, flavorful, fare, he offered to give me a chance to be one of his reviewers, and the rest is history! After my first round of reviews (I’ve learned a lot since and hopefully improve every day!), I went to the Houston Festival as a “roving reporter” for Buddah, and had a blast! I visited with lots of great people, and got to know Tracy much better, who told me then I had what it took to be a successful blogger! After submitting a written review for consideration to Hot Sauce Daily, Brian and Marilyn Meagher welcomed me with open arms, and I’ve become a semi – regular contributor of written reviews for their site. And in pretty short order, I’ve been welcomed into a family of folks who share a passion for flavor, spice, and all things edible and fiery! I can’t thank Tracy, Al, and Brian & Marilyn enough for their friendship and encouragement. And to Rick Kazden, aka Chef Kaz, for his friendship and advice. And everyone else who I’ve encountered so far. It’s a great family to belong to!

So….? What can you expect from “It’s a Fiery World”? More of what I’ve been doing, and will continue to do, for ILIS and Hot Sauce Daily, but maybe with a little twist and turn. I’ll do product reviews, festival coverage, and feature articles for my readers here at IAFW, as well as continue working with ILIS and HSD. Al and Brian have graciously agreed to help me learn more about the technical side of blogging, maintaining sites, video/audio editing, etc.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who trusts me to fairly interpret their passion and provide feedback, both private and public, on their creations! You fuel my passion, and are quickly filling up my pantry!! Look for more content in pretty short order, and hopefully, it will only improve with time. If you have a product you want reviewed, write me at chileheadken@gmail.com . And always, I would love to get your comments, feedback, ideas, advice, etc.

Have a great week, and remember….It’s a Fiery World!


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  1. congrats!


  2. Looks good my friend… look forward to corresponding with you soon


  3. Congratulations Ken, we are sure that you will do a great job here as you have done with your other writings and videos. Great job so far.


  4. It looks great! Keep up the good work. People have told me the same thing but I have more fun contributing to others.


  5. Excellent! Keep up the good work. IT looks great.


  6. Bottles Up! Its now book marked.


  7. jacstailgaters

    Hey Ken, Congratulations on the new site. I can not wait to see what you have in store for us.


  8. jacstailgaters

    Hey Brother I can not wait to see what is next from you. Ken you are truly a great friend and wish you the best and would like to extend my pledge to help you in any way possible to be successful.


  9. Congratulations Ken. Looking forward to many great posts.


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