Silly Chile Hot Sauce Shop in Eureka Springs, Arkansas – Great Selection, But……..


While visiting Northwest Arkansas this weekend for my niece’s wedding (congrats Sarah and Josh-we had a blast!!!), I was so looking forward to visiting the Silly Chile Hot Sauce Shop in Eureka Springs. My wife brought me a jar of their candied jalapeno’s on a visit there a few years back, and talked about how great a shop it was, and how nice the man running it was. So we walked in, me full of spicy anticipation at trying new treats, checking out the selection, and maybe scoring some fun new hot, fiery delight! And they did have a great selection! Just check out some of my finds! A little Silverleaf action, some Heartbreaking Dawn’s, Cajohn’s, and lots of Dave’s and Blair’s! And some brands and products I had never seen! I was jazzed! Hyped! Ready to add to a collection already overflowing from my recent jaunts to the Houston and New Orleans shows! Just check out some of the products below!



But alas, I was SO TURNED OFF by the attitude of the ladies running the shop I left in disgust! I was ready to talk sauce! Spice! Heat! Maybe learn something new! But they were so snotty and rude they robbed my hot sauce lovin’ joy! They made me quit taking pictures! “No pictures in the store!!!” I was told like being scolded by my first grade teacher! And when I saw the sample bottle of CaJohn’s Happy Beaver and asked the lady if she sold much of it, she condescendingly replied, “well, it DOES have Ghost Pepper in it so it’s very hot…so we sell a little.” And I started to ask, “how do you like the Silverleaf products? Isn’t the garlic the bomb? Aren’t the Mediterranean Sprinkles a great seasoning? And did you know they’re coming out with a ghost pepper stone ground mustard?” She just looked at me like I was from Mars! So I dared not even go into my love of HBD’s Bad Brains and how they had to have it in the store. My joy was gone….spirit robbed!

Why do I tell you this saga? Ahhhh…….Caveat Emptor! Let the Buyer Beware! The Silly Chile hot sauce shop has good products, but they are charging hugely inflated over the top tourist prices, and the ladies who were running the shop patronizing, condescending, and rude! But that’s not the main reason……

The Chilehead community is a family, folks! It’s the thing that draws me in…the helpful nature of the small batch sauce makers, the way everyone is warm, friendly, and inviting- the enthusiasm of hot sauce shop owners (think James and Amy’s new Houston shop iBurn-where everyone knows your name…..oh wait, that’s Cheer’s, but iBurn will learn your name!), and I could go on and on! So I’m torn with the Yin and Yang of promoting a store selling good products made by good people, and telling people to not support a store run by people who are absolutely counter to who we are as true Chileheads!!!

Okay, I feel better now. Thanks for allowing the rant, and always remember that , yes Virginia, it’s a Fiery World!!!!!

About Ken Alexander

Ken Alexander is a self-proclaimed Chilehead, with a love of spicy food, hot sauce, and the zest of life. Ken lives in Baton Rouge, LA, in the heart of Cajun Food country, and enjoys experiencing new tastes and flavors from all over the world. In addition to managing It's a Fiery World, "Ken's Fiery World" is a regular podcast segment on Scott Roberts' Weekly Firecast, where they discuss all things hot, spicy, and tasty! Ken is also a staff reviewer for the video based review site and has been a contributor to the Premier spicy food blog Ken also likes humming TV theme songs, playing Yahtzee, and quoting old Kris Kristofferson lyrics. But above it all, Ken love to celebrate our collective "Fiery World"!!

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  1. My wife and I are the new owners of the shop. We’ve been turning the place around for the last year and a half.
    We’re working on revamping the store and franchising out.


  2. Love this place. Friendly service. Lots of product. I’m hooked.


  3. I have been there many times and had great experience and tasted new sauces and discussed recipes with the workers. They have always been very knowledgeable and more then happy to give lots of samples to compare flavors. I love the place!!


  4. Wow, what a shame. I saw this post after being at a small show in Kansas City, and sampling the best handcrafted hot pepper jellies ever. The Thai was unbelievable. I visited with the owner, and learning she was from Bentonville Ar., asked if she sold her jellies in the Silly Chile. She said she wanted to, but got turned away. Oh my gosh…her products are amazing and she is local. I am a competion chile and hot sauce judge and know quality…what is wrong with these people?


  5. I went in there last weekend with my husband and we were treated so nice! They gave out so may samples, and we enjoyed talking to them and ended up leaving with a big bag full of wonderful jellies, lots of hot sauce, seasonings and even a small box of bacon flavored crickets for an 11 year old, the crickets were a big hit and so was everything else, sorry to hear you had a bad experience but that was our third visit to the store and we have had nothing but good experiences every time we have gone in there! I think you should give them another chance, we are picky and they went out of their way to help us make good selections for gifts!


  6. We went in the week of Halloween and there were two gentlemen working in there. They gave us more samples than I could handle!! They were very helpful and courteous. Bought some Ring of Fire X-tra Hot Habanero sauce and it is awesome. ( Yes they are a little pricy, but I loved the selection. If we go back and I see the ladies in there, I’ll leave:)


  7. Sorry to hear about that Ken. It is clearly obvious when you go into a shop who has a passion for what they are selling and those folks that are JUST shop owners. Keep your chin up brother and ignore the fools in the world!


  8. Wow Brother when i was there last Summer the people were awesome and once we started talking they asked so many questions as they were excited to possibly learn a little about the people behind the brands they are selling.. Heck They gave me their number because they were almost out of HBD 1498 sauce and was wanting more. I called Johnny the next day and passed it on to him.. It’s a shame that things can turn around so quickly.


  9. steve chambers

    thats a shame brother


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