Who Said the British Don’t Make Westerns! “The Good, The Bad, & The Spicy”!!


I got an email this morning from a Chillihead from the UK! Notice the different spelling from our Chilehead! I just think that is majorly cool! Shows how far reaching the community of hot sauce and spicy food lovers really is, while still being a family, of sorts! So this is a link to an article from Appliance City in the village of Bunny, just outside Nottingham, England. How many U.S. appliance stores post articles about super hot “chillies”?!

The Good, The Bad, & The Spicy is a fun piece giving you a little education on some of the world’s hottest “chillies”, including the Carolina Reaper, Various 7-Pot varieties, Moruga Scorpion and more! So if you think that folks across the pond just eat fish and chips and Scotch Eggs, and nothing with any spice or fun flavors, think again! I’ve reviewed some British hot sauces for I Love it Spicy, and man oh man, can they turn on the heat!!!! I think Clint Eastwood would be proud!

Click here and enjoy some worldly adventures of a spicy life! Because, Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s a Fiery World!!!


About Ken Alexander

Ken Alexander is a self-proclaimed Chilehead, with a love of spicy food, hot sauce, and the zest of life. Ken lives in Baton Rouge, LA, in the heart of Cajun Food country, and enjoys experiencing new tastes and flavors from all over the world. In addition to managing It's a Fiery World, "Ken's Fiery World" is a regular podcast segment on Scott Roberts' Weekly Firecast, where they discuss all things hot, spicy, and tasty! Ken is also a staff reviewer for the video based review site ILoveitSpicy.com and has been a contributor to the Premier spicy food blog HotSauceDaily.com. Ken also likes humming TV theme songs, playing Yahtzee, and quoting old Kris Kristofferson lyrics. But above it all, Ken love to celebrate our collective "Fiery World"!!

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