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A Little Slice of Heaven! Jalapeño Jeaven, That Is!


I love stuffed peppers! Doesn’t matter what kind they are – bell, poblano, hatch, anaheim, liberty bell….wait, scratch that one- it’s cracked…….and of course, the lil’ ol Jalapeño! But stuffin’ and cookin’ those rascals can be a challenge if you don’t have a holder for them. And most holders are well, flawed! Holes too small, holes too big, no place to grab hold of the rack, feet too little to keep it stable on a grill or oven rack. Oh, for someone to make a better pepper placement thingy! (yea, I was lookin’ for a cool “P” word for tray or device, but alas, nothing!) Well, wait no more. I recently acquired THE perfect rack for my stuffed Jalapeños!

A fairly new company out of Texas, Jalapeno Jeaven (notice the play on Spanish with the whole “J” sounding like “H” for Heaven thing! I have to admit I was a bit slow on the uptake on that one!), has developed a better mousetrap, er…..rack, for stuffing peppers on the grill or in the oven. With units varying in size from the six pepper version you see here, to the monster 40 hole tailgate size, they’ve learned from the shortcomings of wannabe racks. I received their small version, which is perfect for a quick appetizer session at my jouse (get it? jouse? House? LOLOL I crack myself up sometimes!) and put it through the paces.


The racks are made from heavy duty stainless, have an easy to grip handle, and very stable feet, so it was very easy to use. The holes, while uniform, have air slots which served double duty – allowing a variety of pepper sizes and for good airflow around the pepper while cooking. I did find myself having to push the peppers into the holes so they didn’t lean, but it worked well. And while other racks prevent airflow up and around the pepper, my peppers cooked evenly up and down, and all around! And to quote good ol’ Ron Popeel, “But wait! There’s more!”, my kit came with the pepper coring tool! It made very quick work of coring the peppers! I was sad when they were all done! I was having too much fun and wanted to do more! The coring tool only adds $5.00 to the kit, well worth the little bit of extra money for the ease of use it brings to the table!

I’m trying to think of a negative or something I’d like to see changed, but honestly, I’m struggling to help make an almost perfect mousetrap any better! Maybe reassess the whole Jeaven thing for us slow on the uptake types who can’t get the play on words initially, but that’s about it. If you go to their website, there are videos, recipes, etc. to help you along with your pepper poppin journey! All the way around, great job!

So it’s a 4 1/2 Fiery World vote from this reviewer! If you like to stuff your Jalapeño’s, then seriously check out the Jalapeño Jeaven pepper rack. And remember, Ladies and Gentlemen – It’s a Fiery World!!!!


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