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Ho Ho Chipotle, Santa! Jac’s Tailgaters $3.50 Black Friday Weekend Sale!

20131125-173052.jpgNow if you know me, you know I love me some Jac’s Tailgaters sauces, rubs, and mixes. So when Tracy Carter, aka JAC’s himself, asked me to help get the word out about his Black Friday thru Cyber Monday sale, I was all over it!

So I asked him for the detail and he replied, saying……..wait for it………’s coming………and I’m not lying………honest….. EVERYTHING ON THE JAC’S TAILGATERS WEBSITE IS $3.50 EACH FROM BLACK FRIDAY THROUGH CYBER MONDAY!! EVERYTHING!!!!!

That means Cajun Garlic Essence, Fling On Spice blend, Bayou Gold Mustard, my favs Raspberry Chipotle and Pineapple Orange Habanero…….everything is only $3.50 each (plus a nominal shipping fee per shipment)!!!! What a deal! What a steal! What a Ho! Ho! Ho! Holiday Spectacular!

So not only is it a Fiery World, Virginia, it’s a great day to experience your after Thanksgiving turkey and dressing sandwiches with Jac’s Raspberry Chipotle or Pineapple Orange Habanero sauce! Or either sauce on vanilla ice cream (just trust me on this one….they’re great on both… honest-would I lie to you?!). How about adding some Cajun Garlic Essence to your Christmas party marinara dip, or whipping up a quick and easy 30 minute pot of chili or gumbo with Jac’s Bayou Chili or Gumbo mixes!?

Such a deal! Such flavor! Such variety! Everything on their site for $3.50 a bottle, bag, or, shaker! So stock up on Bayou Gold Mustard, Bayou Blaze BBQ Sauce, Fling On, Q-Rub, or any one of the excellent lineup of products from Jac’s Tailgaters! Just click the link and get started!!! And don’t forget to tell them, Ladies and Gentlemen, that It’s a Fiery World!

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