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Ho Ho Chipotle, Santa! Jac’s Tailgaters $3.50 Black Friday Weekend Sale!

20131125-173052.jpgNow if you know me, you know I love me some Jac’s Tailgaters sauces, rubs, and mixes. So when Tracy Carter, aka JAC’s himself, asked me to help get the word out about his Black Friday thru Cyber Monday sale, I was all over it!

So I asked him for the detail and he replied, saying……..wait for it………’s coming………and I’m not lying………honest….. EVERYTHING ON THE JAC’S TAILGATERS WEBSITE IS $3.50 EACH FROM BLACK FRIDAY THROUGH CYBER MONDAY!! EVERYTHING!!!!!

That means Cajun Garlic Essence, Fling On Spice blend, Bayou Gold Mustard, my favs Raspberry Chipotle and Pineapple Orange Habanero…….everything is only $3.50 each (plus a nominal shipping fee per shipment)!!!! What a deal! What a steal! What a Ho! Ho! Ho! Holiday Spectacular!

So not only is it a Fiery World, Virginia, it’s a great day to experience your after Thanksgiving turkey and dressing sandwiches with Jac’s Raspberry Chipotle or Pineapple Orange Habanero sauce! Or either sauce on vanilla ice cream (just trust me on this one….they’re great on both… honest-would I lie to you?!). How about adding some Cajun Garlic Essence to your Christmas party marinara dip, or whipping up a quick and easy 30 minute pot of chili or gumbo with Jac’s Bayou Chili or Gumbo mixes!?

Such a deal! Such flavor! Such variety! Everything on their site for $3.50 a bottle, bag, or, shaker! So stock up on Bayou Gold Mustard, Bayou Blaze BBQ Sauce, Fling On, Q-Rub, or any one of the excellent lineup of products from Jac’s Tailgaters! Just click the link and get started!!! And don’t forget to tell them, Ladies and Gentlemen, that It’s a Fiery World!

Smokin’ Good! Jac’s Tailgaters Bayou Gold Chipotle Mustard Sauce is Back!

Jac's Chipotle Mustard sauce in the 5 oz. bottle

Jac’s Chipotle Mustard sauce in the 5 oz. bottle

I love mustard. There…I’ve said it! And I’m not sure why, but I’ve always loved mustard. Maybe it’s the color since, afterall, yellow is my favorite color. Maybe it’s the tang and tartness. Or maybe the low fat, low calorie nature of the beast. However, as human nature dictates, some things get routine…normal…mundane….ho hum….okay, I’ll say it – boring! And this includes my beloved mustard. And while a turkey sandwich isn’t the same without a little yellow goodness, it can get a bit ordinary after a while. Until now! Jac’s Tailgaters has revived one of their original offerings and after tasting it I saw stars! Fireworks! And I heard angelic voices! And Boston singing “Smokin'”! Wait! What? Boston? Smokin? What’s up with that!? I’ll tell you what’s up – Jac’s Tailgaters Bayou Gold Chipotle Mustard Sauce is a little touch of smoked mustardy sunshine in an otherwise mundane, boring, cloudy mustardy day! Okay, so I’m mixing up my song metaphors, but you get the point!

When I was dieting last year, I was bummed out because I couldn’t enjoy Tracy and Kristi Carter’s Bayou Gold Mustard Sauce, because it had more than a gram of brown sugar in it and a couple of other ingredients that weren’t on my diet. And as I was chatting to Tracy about it at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival, he said he had a solution- his Chipotle Mustard Sauce which has almost no sugar at all – well within my self-imposed stringent dietary no sugar rule! So armed with a couple bottles, I proceeded to learn just how smokin’ hot (as in cool…nifty…swell…appealing…not flaming, scoville topping, scorching, etc.) this mustard sauce is on just about everything it touches.

Jac's Chipotle Mustard Sauce is an excellent gourmet style mustard sauce

Jac’s Chipotle Mustard Sauce is an excellent gourmet style mustard sauce

Using regular, prepared mustard as its base, Bayou Gold Chipotle Mustard adds lemon juice, cider vinegar, worcestershire sauce, garlic sauce, chipotle pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, white pepper, brown sugar, and the ever undefined “spices”. I can’t discern the brown sugar, and with only 1 gram of sugar in an oz, it’s just a wisp of an ingredient. But the chipotle, or smoked, pepper is so masterfully blended that it completes the rest of the ingredients into balanced perfection! Adding the smokiness to the flavor profile made a beautiful marriage of flavors-complimenting the other ingredients like the yin to the yang, the Rob to the Laura, the Barney to the Andy, the Dagwood to the Blondie, the Edith to the Archie, the Jerry Maguire to what’s her name with the quirky cute kid (insert iconic “you complete me” reference here), and any other finely tuned, balanced pairing you can imagine.

I’ve used this sauce on meat (especially pork, chicken, turkey, and ham), veggies (a little of this is crazy good on beans, cauliflower, and more), sandwiches, and still thinking of new uses. And my wife, who does not share my hot and spicy obsession (but is very supportive, I must say), has cautioned me on more than one occasion by stating “You’re not using all of that, are you? I like that one a lot!” That’s high praise, I have to tell you! And who could blame her? One bite and you discover the subtlety of flavors, the smoked pepper mellowing out most of the sharpness that is customary in mustard, but not totally taming the dynamic flavors set apart with hints of onion, garlic, a touch of lemon, and white pepper. Whether straight up on a sandwich, as a base for pork tenderloin, a sauce for veggies, or whatever your application, this mustard sauce is…simply put…..Smokin’!!!!

So what’s the verdict? This sauce, ladies and gentlemen, earns 4 1/2 Fiery Worlds from this reviewer! It’s as close to perfect as a mustard sauce can get, but alas, I marked it down 1/2 simply because it only comes in a 5 oz. bottle!!!! I can suck that down in one sitting! You can find this sauce, and many more excellent gourmet sauces, spice blends, rubs, marinades, dip mixes, chili and gumbo mixes on Jac’s Tailgaters website. I am a huge fan of their entire lineup and encourage you to indulge your palate and your imagination with a variety of his outstanding offerings. And remember, ladies and gentlemen…..It’s a Fiery World!

Just some of the many versatile sauces, rubs, marinades, dips, and seasonings offered by Tracy and Kristi Carter and Jac's Tailgaters

Just some of the many versatile sauces, rubs, marinades, dips, and seasonings offered by Tracy and Kristi Carter and Jac’s Tailgaters

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