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It’s a Fiery World’s Top 5 Products of 2013 Annouced on Scott Roberts Weekly Firecast!

weekly-firecast-ep-50-best-products-of-2013During a recent taping of our regular segment on The Audio Weekly Firecast with Scott Roberts, Scott and I discuss our favorite products of 2013.  My list could have been much longer, as I’ve tasted some mighty fine sauces, snacks, and seasonings this year, but the ones mentioned rose to the top of the class!  If any of links here give you trouble, just go to . Please check out the Podcast and I’m looking forward to a much more active 2014 here at It’s a Fiery World! So download and give a listen! And thanks for allowing me to occasionally enter your world with a little of my Fiery World!

Weekly Firecast Podcast Episode #50 – Ken and Scott Name Their Favorite Fiery Foods Products of 2013

In this special 50th episode, regular Firecast contributor Ken Alexander joins Scott, and together they name what they consider to be their top favorite hot sauces, BBQ sauces and seasonings of the year.

Companies mentioned in the episode:

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Puckerbutt Pepper Co. Sells Sauce for Charity!


At the Houston Hot sauce show, Ed Currie, CEO of Puckerbutt Pepper Company had a bunch of people sign a case of I Dare You Stupit sauce to raise money for the Snowdrop Foundation, the Houston Hot Sauce Festival’s charity of choice, and the beneficiary of the festival’s profits.


In addition to Ed Currie, some big names signed the bottles, including John “CaJohn” Hard, CEO of CaJohn’s; Chef Vic Clinco, World Renowned Hot Sauce collector; James Wreck, CEO of iBurn Hot Sauce store in Houston, TX; Tim Bader, CEO of Volcanic Peppers; Jim Duffy, CEO of Refining Fire Chiles CEO; and Al “Buddah” Goldenberg, who runs the long standing fiery food blog “I Love it Spicy”, along with ILIS reviewer Fiber Joe Madrid. Also signing the bottles were Fiery Food You Tube sensations Ted Barrus, aka the Fire Breathing Idiot; Brad Bishop, aka Bishop Brad/Pepper Lucha; and Brannon Deobolt, aka Average Joe. How much would you pay for that ?


So, Ladies and Gentlemen, How much would you pay for a bottle of I Dare You Stupit knowing that ALL the proceeds will go to the Snowdrop Foundation for cancer patients. According to Currie, the bottles are being sold on Ebay with Puckerbuttpeppercompany as the seller. If you have an interest in one of these bottles for your collection, please click the link below! The folks at Snowdrop will thank you. And especially the many patients who benefit from the Snowdrop Foundation, and your generosity.

Link to Puckerbuttpeppercompany Ebay site

Thanks in advance, Ladies and Gentlemen! And always remember that yes, Virginia, It is a Fiery World!

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